November 2nd, 2012

me: portrait

Nothing much to see here....

the goats are all doing well - which is good. I always worry when I worm them....not sure why, but there ya go. They're all happy today, which makes *me* happy.

Spent part of the morning ironing our Shabbat table linens. It's funny - I HATE ironing clothes, but hand me a set of cloth napkins, or a linen tablecloth, and I'm as happy as can be. It gives me time to think.....which is good. The Lord and I (well, mostly me - but He listens!) have interesting conversations....I don't always get answers, but at least stuff is off my mind.

School is going really well. I just noticed today that Herself is 2 chapters (4 weeks, if all goes well!) away from finishing 2B (Himself is 6 weeks)...which means we'll be starting 3A (or....the 11th grade series) before the end of the year. WoW - I wasn't expecting that! They also did really, really well in Latin today - I used the flashcards and had them tell me what the word meant, the infinitive, the stem, and then I had them conjugate it. (O,S,T, Mus, Tis, Nt.....those are the 6 verb endings for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Person Singular and Plural). It went well. Next week we'll look at the sentences again and try translating them.

So, that's the state of the Fiberaddict clan. Shabbat Shalom, y'all!

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