November 4th, 2012

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Let's see.....yesterday we put my birthday prezzie into layaway; we looked into replacing the PS3 (we're having problems with the Blu-Ray player in it); we discussed spending my potential bonus (probably won't get one....but IF we do, it'll replace the goat meds/wormers/stock up on stuff)....all in all, a boring day.

I did start a new sock - yes, my wrist is toast, but being without a sock project was driving me batty. It's another pair of Knitty's "Monkey" in an Alpaca/wool blend. Hurts like hell, but it's keeping me sane.

I want to know exactly HOW we "gain" an hour, here? Because.....I wake up at the same time every morning, and this morning was no different - except, instead o 5:30, it was, how, exactly, did I "gain" an hour? Because I'll need to go to sleep at my usual time, too...which is now 7:00. So.....yeah, Daylight Savings Time can go jump off a cliff. :sigh: (This AM I have already done 1 complete load of laundry, gotten everything for school this week set up, gotten almost everything for work set up, knit 1 pattern repeat on my sock, had breakfast, and done morning stables. So...not a loss, but 4:30 is too damn early!)

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Interesting Reading.....

I am reading a pdf right now, about how the calendar is "off". I'm not going to link it, because....well, because I am on page 34, and if it were a hard copy it would be bouncing off the wall right now.

Before I start ranting, let me just say: Our calendar may well be off in relationship to what was set up at Creation. HOWEVER.......

:deep breath: The kids and I are doing a Critical Thinking course this year. We're in Ch. 5 right now, about mid-way thru the first book....and we've covered various ways that people can make you think they are right. This book, so far, has exhibited MANY of those ways.

For example.....the authors set up a premise, then use NON-Scriptural sources to prove them. That is a red flag to me....because if you are trying to prove that we are not following the Bible, wouldn't you use the Bible to prove it?

The thing that just set me off: on pg 34 (of my pdf - it's on the iPad, and page numbers show differently on different devices)....the authors have set up the "fact" that pagan weeks were 8 days long (um.......I've never actually heard that before. Maybe I've lived under a rock all my life.....I'm willing to accept this, although - again! - I've never ran across that tidbit.)...and that the Jews (of course!) always kept a 7 day week. With me so far? Anyway...they then go on to say that Christ could NOT have risen on Sunday, because "Sunday did not exist in the Julian calendar of Christ's day. Nor can Saturday be the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath because the pagan planetary week originally began on Saturday."

Um. Err. Um......comparing PAGAN weeks to Jewish weeks to prove your "point" is circular thinking....because the JEWS DIDN'T KEEP THE PAGAN WEEKS. So....that doesn't quite prove anything. And...the Jews wouldn't have called it "Sunday" anyway - it's the 1st day. The only day of the week that actually has a name in the Jewish "world" is the Sabbath.

I'm going to keep slogging thru it, and I'm TRYING to keep an open mind, here...but stuff like this is really making it hard.

God is a God of Power and Order. I believe, in the Beginning, that we had a cycle of 30-day months, tied to the Moon. No arguments from me there - it makes sense. It makes sense that the Flood threw everything off - that's a little hard for me to grasp, but I can "see" that.

What I can't quite grasp is that the New Moon (which they say is the crescent moon, not the LACK of moon) re-sets the calendar each month. THAT makes NO sense to me - Torah doesn't mention it AT ALL, and...I kinda think it would, IF that were the case. The whole argument that the Jews changed their calendar to go along with Constantine.....I'm not really buying. Constantine was bullying the Christians, NOT the Jews.......he was trying to UN-Jewish-ify the Christian church (and *that* is highly documented).

And.....Torah doesn't say that the New Moon is a holiday/festival. Yes, I can see that early Jews might celebrate a new month.....but it's not laid out as law. Or planned. So...I'm having problems with this, as well. :sigh: (Yes, later books mention the New Moon....but I'm going strictly off of Torah here......because it IS the Law. Not trying to be legalistic here...but.....Torah is what we should look to, right? The Prophets and Writings are important, too...but Torah is the tree that they hang on.)

I'm going to keep slogging away, but I'm not convinced that the authors are right. :sigh:

Break over - back to reading. Hope I don't get pissed enough that my iPad goes flying! :wink:

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