November 18th, 2012

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Weekends are for doing....

We spent most of yesterday at SG's work - he had to re-run cables from the servers to.....somewhere else. Or something like that. I got 2 repeats of the sock done - 3 left to the toe! - and found some cool apps. (U-talk Hebrew, for a fun way to help the kids retain the Rosetta Stone. See, Apple lets me "flow" any apps I buy to ANY i-device linked to my itunes account. So....for $11.99 I got it on my phone, my iPad, Herself's iPad, and Himself's iPad. I don't think that's bad, do you? :wink:)

We also hit Half-Price......I really, REALLY, need to stay away from there. It's not safe.....SG had given me a budget of $20, so I told the kids they could have $5/each. Herself found a book for $5.99 (I have a discount card there, so that was really OK), and Himself found a Wii game for $9.99. No biggie - *I* hadn't found anything, so I let them get it. Only....then I headed to the Foreign Languages section. :sigh:

They had a complete set of Power-Glide's "Latin Ultimate". For $15.99. I ended up with it - because really, that's an awesome price for a complete set! (7 CD's, the workbook, the Student Guide, and the Teacher's "manual") It won't replace Wheelock's, but it'll supplement it nicely.

I only did half a workout today - Friday's Field Trip did a number on my left foot. I wore the wrong shoes.....and did something new to the sore arch. :sigh: I did a full workout yesterday, so I'm not too upset......and I'll get back on the wagon this week (except for tomorrow, when I go into the office. No time!)

We also put Calvin in with his harem - Risky, Inara, and Zoe. Malcolm will get Annie soon as she's in heat again. Goliad wasn't happy we put him back in with the bucks, but he's had his fun - it's time for someone else to do so. :snicker:

I need to go rustle up some breakfast - laters!

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