November 30th, 2012

me: portrait

Shabbat Shalom!

Yesterday was busy - after court, my mom came over, took us to lunch, then we left. Did some shopping (mostly for Herself), and met with Cynthia - I needed my paycheck. And I got some good news - I AM getting a bonus, and it's a little more than last year's. :happy dance:

SG got home EARLY yesterday - he beat us home! :happy dance:

Today is list making - I do this every year, once I have a total. I make a list of EVERYTHING I'd like to buy (even the stuff I know isn't possible), then I figure costs, and decide what I get to do. It's fun....and it keeps me from spending money I don't have on stuff we really don't need. This year is "goat year" - I'm going to restock the goat meds. And hopefully pick up some Fiestaware bakeware. And get my CHL...:lol:

So, 2 more thankfuls (because you CAN - and SHOULD - be thankful every day!) - for my Boss, who decided to be generous this year (Thank You LORD!!!!) and my mom, who gave me a check for my birthday - I paid for a year's membership at the new Perot museum of Science (grand opening tomorrow! We're "Charter Members" :woot: :big deal:). Next year's field trips are set! :happy dance:

I have chili in the crockpot, and cornbread planned. Hope y'all have a blessed Shabbat!

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