December 2nd, 2012

fiber: Chullo

It's December? was 68* this AM. High today in the 80', I'm questioning the calendar. (Yesterday? 78*. Sure, it was a slightly cold 78*, but still - 78*.)

Yes, guys, the bonus is a mind-easer....even if I'm not going to get a lot of stuff for me. :lol: I was....I want to get a bunch of Fiesta bakeware for the kitchen - but something came up yesterday that kinda blew that out of the water. It's for SG - I don't get to buy him stuff often, so...well, yesterday I offered, and he grudgingly accepted, and.....:grin: (It's all good, he just doesn't like being on the receiving end from his *wife*, because he feels HE should be the one doing the gifting. If that makes sense. It doesn't to ME - if *I* have $$$, and he/the kids wants something, then *I* feel like I should buy for them instead of for me. (Don't worry - I DID buy me something already. It was VERY frivolous. :lol:))

Anyway. I put it in layaway yesterday, and we'll go back next weekend to get it out. Hopefully - we might have to wait until month-end, but no biggie.

Yesterday was great - SG was home, and we went driving around. It's a fun thing, and relaxing, and we all enjoyed it.

SG and I also discussed Himself's last Hanukkah prezzie - yes, they get 8. I hadn't planned on spending a lot on the kids this year - in fact, the other 14 prezzies only cost $190-ish....but Herself asked for a digital camera. Alrighty, I can do that - the bonus news meant I could spend a bit more (I had the funds for that left over from my paycheck. I'm not spending funds I don't have :wink:) Friday I hauled her to Wal*Mart and had her pick it out. We decided on a Canon powershot (or...something like that. Mid-range camera.) and I tossed in a case and memory card.

Now, SG had in mind what HE wanted to get Himself...Lego Mindstorms NT. VERY pricey - but with the camera purchase, it'll make it more even. Ish. (He's more expensive than she is - her list? Included "Crayola colored pencils - NOT store brand! And Fimo. And seed beads." I...can't really do much spending with a list like that!) So...after I go to the bank Tuesday, I'll be calling Lego and ordering it (because it's out of stock at the local store....I hope Lego has it, and can ship it ASAP. If not...well, eBay. Or a certificate. Either way, Himself will be THRILLED.)

Gotta run - SG wants to go target shooting.

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