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December 6th, 2012


Today is Pajama Day! 07:39 am
As well as weigh-in Wednesday and Thankful Thursday. :lol: I have spent TOO much time outside the house this week, so today is STAY HOME day.

Weigh-in: 191. Yup. Gained 1 pound. BUT. Tuesday was the office luncheon...and I had a lot of salty stuff that I don't normally have. Plus dessert. (It's hard to say no when the boss is paying and insisting, y'know?) I'm not upset - I had to tighten my sweats again, so it's all good.

Today I am thankful for:

1. My kids. Heart went thru the fence last night, and without asking both kids helped get her back on our side, AND they helped fix the fence. DURING morning milking. (Yes, this is a miracle! :lol:)

2. SG. He's been working early and late the past week, but he's still sweet and considerate - even dead tired. He's still silly - he's upset with me because I bought him a workout set (Tim Horton's 10-minute Workout DVD set. SG said I needed to find him a workout DVD.....so I did. Then I bought it. :lol:) - seems HE wanted to pay for it. :confused: Whatever - I'm just happy he's decided to actually TRY to lose weight (and...he needs to. Moreso than me - it's just taken him a bit to own up to it.)

3. Ms. boss. Yes, I'm thankful for her - she was more generous than I expected. And it was - and IS! - much appreciated. She even gave generously to the kids - both kids are over the moon. (And the candy/cookie gift bowl was a nice touch, too!)

4. My goats. The 4 does on the milk-line are STILL putting out almost 1 gallon/day....in December. it's amazing! And great - I have 3 gallons in the freezer, plus about 3 in the fridge...and they're still producing. Not sure what's going on.....but I'll take it!

The Lord is good!

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