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December 20th, 2012


Thursday Thankful... 09:16 am
and Weigh-in. Let's get *that* over with first, shall we?

189.5. Same as last week, which is amazing if you consider all the fried-stuffs we were stuffing ourselves with last week. Friday was FRYday....EVERYTHING was dumped in the deep frier. :lol:


1. My family. Miss my kids horribly, but they are having a blast at Granny's. Probably being totally spoiled, but hey - that's OK. It's a grandparent's prerogative, right?

2. The weather. It's been SO mild here lately - 70's yesterday. Today? It's back to winter - 40, with a windchill in the 30's. Looks like the grasshoppers are dead (THANK YOU LORD!!!!), so it's all good.

3. My State. No, we're not as "great" as Michigan....but we're getting there. Yes, our guv'nor is....well, interesting...but at least he's not trying to trample on our Constitutional rights just because of all the propaganda (and you can't call it anything else - why else show photos of the victims? We didn't after the CO theatre, or the OR mall. THINK about it before you have a knee-jerk reaction, OK? ) Gun-free zones should be abolished, IMNSHO - they're just *begging* for bad guys to come in. (And the arguments about not arming teachers, because the kids would have access? Um. Concealed means CONCEALED. If they're doing it right, the kids would never know WHICH teachers were carrying. Which is how it should be.)

4. My husband. Just because - he knows why. :grin:

Think I'll go do my ironing today.....that way tomorrow will be relaxing. I've got all my work-work done except for 1 company - and I got about 1/4 of it done today.

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