December 31st, 2012

me: portrait

Out with the old.....

1. Work took less than 1 hour today - I had done almost everything at home yesterday. Herself went with me; once I finished, we went shopping. :heh:

2. We "finished" the Dining Room this weekend! Saturday we hit a couple of Antique Malls.....and the art work for the walls was acquired. Asian silk embroidery "paintings". 2 lovely phoenix birds ones, and 1 peacock. Still need to hang the peacock, but the room is basically "finished" (Need to reframe the new art, but hey - that can come later.)

3. I've finished 3 of my Passover placemats - 3 to go! :Happy dance: I also purchased the fabric today for my Purim set - they'll be different from the others; instead of a solid mat with patterned border, I bought a pattern :gasp:. Since Purim is supposed to be fun.....these will be. The fabric is Mardi-Gras; 1 is purple based, the other gold. Lovely together - soon as I finish the Passover set I'll start on them.

4. The boys are out together today - since Herself and I were going to work, it seemed appropriate. :grin: I think the plan included the Lego store......:heh:

It's been pretty calm here at Chez Fiberaddict. Cold, but not much going on. This is our last week of vacation - we'll be hitting the books again next week. I've got almost everything planned out - just need to drop in Math and Art and we're good to go. :bounce: We're also going to add in computer programming (I had hoped Himself would play with it, but it'll go on the Lesson Plans and he'll HAVE to do it. :snicker:)

Talk to you Next Year! :lol:

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