January 3rd, 2013

me: portrait

Blah blah de blah

SO not motivated to blog lately. :sigh: It's not that I'm not busy - I am - it's just....blah.

Gained pounds over the past week - I know why; we ate out a LOT what with the husband being home (and him not wanting to cook over the weekend - it was his idea, that he should be in charge of the kitchen on weekends.......seems that it's easier to just go grab some fast food instead of, you know, COOKING. :rolls eyes:). Too much fried stuff. :sigh: Still, I'm getting back on track - today I was 192. Monday? 195. :yikes!:

Got our new Am. History books in yesterday - I really like them! Don't need 'em until next year, but I'm glad I have them. You just never know what's going to happen, and I like to be prepared.

Finished the Passover placemats yesterday. Need to finish the runner, but that's a minor thing. Trying to decide on how to do the coasters.....but again, that's minor. Don't need either one for Passover, so I'm going to start on the Purim placemats today.

Still working out every day. SG quit after 1 week - he keeps saying he'll start "Monday".....yeah. HIS problem - I told him this AM I quit. I'm not going to keep on him about it. He needs to man up and either DO it, or quit whining about his weight. :sigh:

No resolutions/aspirations this year. I've already started the weight-loss/fitness part....so why make a list? :grin: I'll just keep on, keepin' on.

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