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January 11th, 2013


Shabbat Shalom! 08:04 am
The rain quit yesterday AM......it's all humid and squishy and damp out, but we NEEDED this. It's supposed to start again tomorrow.....I hope so.

Anna, WE use coasters all the time. It started when we bought our dining room table....it cost a LOT (for us....and we got it half the retail price, thanks to my internet skills.), and we didn't want it to get marked up. So, I made coasters. Then I started insisted that coasters be used on the coffee table...and now, we use them everywhere. I have a bunch of mis-matched ones for "every day" use, and "themed" ones for Feasts and Shabbat.

Ali, thank you! Interesting reading....I need to think on it before commenting.

And, the world IS coming to an end - I have proof! :lol: Wednesday afternoon I started another ch'ullo - this one for SG. I finished mine Dec. of 2009...and he's been nagging me ever since to make one for *him*. The problem? He couldn't make up his mind about the motifs to put on it. :bangs head: I *can't* knit something without knowing WHAT I am knitting into it. He started out wanting all Celtic designs, wait, no - dogs/cats/horses! Wait - goats, dogs and......horses. Yeah. Goats, horses, and beer bottles! No, wait - and on, and on, and on. :sigh:

So. Wednesday I pinned him down - I NEED to know NOW, so I can get this done! He said, "I TOLD you! Dogs and horses and....some kind of Hebrew letters - my name! No, wait - (runs and grabs his prayer shawl) *this* (pointing to the blessing on it. :sigh:)" "Um. It's TOO LONG. I only have 192 stitches to start..and that? Will take MORE." "Oh. OK, then just the Messianic symbol."

I graphed it out......did some math..."OK, I can get - at most - 3 repeats. What about the other 2 patterns?" "I want MORE than 3!" :bangs head: After a lengthy discussion of math and the intricacies of knitting, he accepted it....but still couldn't make up his mind on the other 2 pattern.

So yesterday, I took matters into my own hands - his ch'ullo will have running wolfhounds, then horse heads, then the Messianic symbol. He said he was happy with that, so.....:grin:

Into the breach I go, knitting stranded patterns on size 4s. My ch'ullo took me about 3 weeks....I'm trying to beat that this time. And get my husband off my back...:lol: And since I had said I would NOT do this again....therefore, proof that the world as we know it is coming to an end. :rofl:

Shabbat Shalom - may your day be blessed!

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