January 31st, 2013

Calvin: Faces

Interesting morning.....

Seems that someone didn't like the probable outcome of a trail, because this AM (around 8-ish), a "county employee" (1 site is saying Prosecutor) was shot by 2 suspects outside the County Courthouse. Normally, I'd make a mental note and go on....but the Courthouse is only a few miles from us, AND I have to go to the feed store and pick up some hay - and the ONLY way to get there is to go past the Courthouse. :sigh:

I'd wondered why we had helicopters doing fly-overs all morning. :bigger sigh: I can't help but wonder WHY, all of a sudden, there has been an uptick in shootings. I'm NOT a conspiracy-theorist, but folks.....it does seem strange that all of a sudden (just when it looks like the gun-grabbers aren't going to get their way), bullets are a-flyin'.

ETA It was an Ass't DA, according to sources, and he has died. :sigh: My heartfelt condolences go out to his family and friends.

I suggest, if you believe in the Constitution, that you do whatever you need to do to get your State's concealed-carry license - even if you NEVER intend to carry a firearm. (You CA folks are kinds SOL - even if DiFi has(had?) a CCL herself....of course, the laws don't count for gov't folk, it says so. I recommend getting a FL non-resident license if possible. Just because.) You need to get grand-fathered in, just in case. (And yes, I realize that ANY law restricting your right to have/hold arms is un-Constitutional, but we have to work with what we have. Right now, we have to play the game.)


I'm stalled on SG's chullo - I'm halfway up the 2nd tier of motifs, and I just can't get motivated to keep going. I need to.....but :meh:

Weight: Same-ol', same ol'. We were going to go walking today.....this AM's stuff has kinda put a kibbosh on that. No sense in putting ourselves in an at-risk position, you know? :sigh:


1. I got all our taxes done, and the IRS accepted the return last week. We're scheduled to get our refund by 2/19/13. :huzzah: I've already got my list going - after we pay our property taxes, we'll have enough left to replace my oven, floor and insulate the studio attic, AND buy some storage for the studio (I'm looking at a credenza, some sort of armoire (for soaping - I really want a Hoosier cabinet, but I'd prefer to NOT spend that much), and a new sewing table. AND we'll still have enough left for some "fun" stuff! Praise the Lord for that!

2. SG being so supportive of our homeschooling. He didn't bat an eye when I told him I needed to buy a different Math curriculum for Herself - after a bit of discussion, he agreed. That's big - because, see, I HAVE ALL our curriculum thru 12th grade already purchased and waiting for me. I didn't want to get into a situation where I'd need books, but didn't have the funds to purchase them, so I bought them all up-front.

3. My kids. Always. :grin:

Need to go wash the Jeep's back window - we got in some Star Wars "family" clings, and I need to put them on the window. :snicker: Better than the generic "soccer" family ones from the local chrischun store!

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