February 10th, 2013

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Up since 2:30 NOT fun, but :meh: I got all my work-work DONE by 3:45, then read a bit, watched some stupid documentaries, and started laundry. It's OK.....I'll just be dead-tired by lunch. :shrug:

It's been.....busy. BUSY. Friday the kids and I bought a new oven (another free-standing double; I debated right up to the point of ordering it. I don't use both ovens often, but it's nice to have that option. And the price difference in the single (top of the line) and double (on sale) was only $500. Since it's Refund $$$$, I went with the double.

Then yesterday, we went out...and I ended up with a new sofa and loveseat. We've been shopping on CraigsList, but everything SG and I agree on, in my price point ($500 or less) sold before I could get him to look at the listing. :sigh: We stopped at Rooms to Go - just to look! - and walked out with a leather set. :sigh: Yes, I wanted leather...but not new.

See, I weave. So I LOOK at fabric. I looked at every damn sofa they had in the place....and all the fabric ones were.....sleazy. See, when you weave, you set your threads as to what you want to use the fabric for. If *I* wove upholstery fabric, it'd be plain-weave, close set, and I'd pack the weft in. The tighter the weave, the finer the yarn + more durable fabric.

These? The fabric was too drape-y to last more than just a few years. Plus, most of it used novelty-type yarns for "accent".....think chenille. Now think about how chenille wears - and translate that to sofa cushions. Then add in clumsy kids/dogs. I just.....I couldn't spend THAT much money on something I'd have to replace in 5 years (at most.). :sigh: (Seriously - the fabric on most of the sofas would have made LOVELY swirly skirts. It was THAT drape-y. NOT what *I* want in something that's going to see some serious wear every. single. day. And I'm tired of slip-covers. I really didn't want to spend $$$$ on a nice set only to "hide" them under boring slip-covers. :sigh:)

Oh - and the leather set we bought? Was on sale, and was only $200 more than the 1 fabric set that SG liked. :sigh: (He liked a micro-fiber set, with 2 recliners in both the loveseat and couch. Oh - and the loveseat had cupholders. :rolls eyes: The fabric was *THIN*, and had a nap...and the saleslady told us that it would stain faster than a white t-shirt in a grape-juice factory. :snicker:) The leather set was just *that* much more comfy than the other one, so it won.

And the refund is officially GONE. :lol:

The furniture will be delivered Wednesday, and the oven on Thursday. Should be interesting.....

Ah, well - I got most of my t-shirts in yesterday, so at least I have a few new clothes! My current favorite is the "find x" "(circle x) Found it!" shirt. :snicker: We'll see how many people here notice it.......(and my airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow shirt. THAT one's already started a fight here - Herself *needs* one. :snicker: On payday I'll hit ebay again and get her one - it IS a funny shirt. :lol:)

Gotta go reboot laundry. Laters!

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