March 17th, 2013

me: portrait

Its been BUSY...

I haven't woven since around 3 PM Friday! Got 1.75 dishtowels done - if I'd quit admiring them every 15 minutes or so, I'd be DONE with this batch already! :lol:

Yesterday was getting Himself home from Granny's. Fun stuff...hit the game store again, but they didn't have the game I wanted (Star Fluxx) - they did have 1 SG wanted (Pandemic), so we're set for Family Night for a bit (I found Star Fluxx on eBay this AM...we'll have it in a week or so.) While we watched a movie last night, I started winding my next dishtowel warp.....yes, it's addictive. The only tedious part is the winding....I like warping, even though it takes time. (This warp took 5 hours. Because of the problems. Weaving? Is the shortest part of the whole thing....but I like the whole process, so it's good. It's also why I wind LONG warps....more time throwing a shuttle and less time inside the loom. :lol:)

Today I finished winding while downloading podcasts. More on that later, though - I need to go WEAVE. :happy dance:

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