April 2nd, 2013

me: portrait

Kidding Season has begun...

with the arrival of a buckling. :pbbbbbbbbt: Sasha (Rosa's 2011 doeling) surprised us last night with a cute l'il boy...little sneak had him sometime yesterday afternoon; at evening milking he was dried off with a full belly. She's letting me milk her - so far - and I've left him on her....I don't want kids in my bathroom, especially not BOY kids. :sigh:

Dulce is due 4/9, but she looks ready to pop. Her ligs are gone...but nothing else is happening. Yet. I expect at least twins out of her.

Then we wait until 4/19 for the Nubians to start popping....the Cashmere's are due in May.

Anyway....I'm off to weave some dishtowels.

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