April 4th, 2013

me: portrait


But I spent 3 hours last night in the ER. After evening milking, I came inside and got dizzy all of a sudden. My vision went all wonky - pinwheels in my left eye, and a large blurry spot, and double vision.

My dad has a history of strokes, so my mind went there first. :scary: So did the ER doc - we didn't have to wait as long as usual before they had hustled me back to a room. (I think the fact that I was walking like an elderly lady and refusing to move my head may have helped). The CT scan and bloodwork came back normal...so we're going under the assumption that it's vertigo.

This AM, it's "better"...but I'm still having weird vision. Sort of....2 images superimposed over each other, not exactly lining up. Better than double, but weird. And my head hurts if it move it, and sudden movements are out. And my eyes are ITCHY, and my head feels full of cotton. I HAVE to go to the pharmacy....not looking forward to it.

I'm not sure we can hit the Memorial today....I want to, but....it's probably not a good idea. They'll be live-streaming it...not the same, but......:sigh:

And school is going to be self-directed today...I don't think I can read. (This has taken about 20 minutes to type....and I'm not sure I caught all the mis-spellings.) Fun times! :sigh:

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