April 11th, 2013

Calvin: Faces

Bucklings: 2 Doelings: 0

So far. This AM Dulcinea presented us with a cute li'l buckling....:urgh: Never say that the Lord doesn't have a sense of humor - I can't keep this year's kid crop; we have TOO many goats now. So, ALL this year's crop is for sale....thus, the Lord has given us 2 bucklings - which I don't need *anyway*, and aren't tempted to keep.

The next doe (Nubian) is due 4/19....the Nubians will pop off every 3 days, then the Cashmeres start. The Cashmeres were only in with Hobbes for 7 days, so I'm not sure everybody got bred...we'll see. The Nubians and Alpines are my main concern - they give us milk!

Speaking of: Sasha is a sweet little girl. She's giving me about 1 quart a day, which sounds bad, BUT she's feeding her buckling (Riker). Dulce got on the stand and EASILY gave me 3 baby bottles of colostrum (and she wasn't empty - I didn't take it all!), and will be feeding her buckling (Picard) as well. (I'm not totally sure she's done...she's still got a large belly on her, and Picard was still wet when we went out to milk. I was prepared - she was due Tuesday; Tuesday evening I luted her to be sure we'd be home. Sure enough, she kidded this AM *right on schedule* (lute takes 36 hours. I popped her at 7:15 Tuesday evening.....we went out at 7:15 this AM, and there he was!) I'll be going out again in a bit to check on things - she was letting him nurse, so I'm relieved there, but it's COLD out there today. :sigh:)

State of me: I did NOT go take the tests yesterday. I got a new doctor Monday; I called Radiology to see if I should go ahead or not, and the tech said no, go ahead a cancel. Let the new doc order whatever tests she (yup, got a woman this time!) wants. I feel better, and I feel comfortable with the new doc - she homeschools, so at least I shouldn't have problems scheduling stuff around *our* school schedule. I see her next week.

Got the samples of the tallit yarn....pretty stuff! Now I just need to place an order.....:lol: And finish the never-ending dishtowel warp. I've gone to weaving these current ones in plaid, because...well, I'm tired of weaving the same thing. And I'm getting a little tired of blue and yellow. :snicker: Next up is purple and lavendar...but it's only 6 yards, so it'll go fast. THEN, if I've been able to buy the yarn and the heddles (I don't have enough heddles for the tallit.....my loom is set up for "larger" yarns, not the fine ones. No biggie - but I figure I need to order 800 heddles for the tallit.....at $18/100. So....yeah. Gotta wait. I could tie them myself, but frankly I'd rather throw money at it. Tying 800 string heddles......would make me more insane then I already am. Oh, and let's not discuss me setting up my loom with the other 4 shafts, OK? I have everything BUT the heddles for it....:lol:)

We started American History Monday....we'll see how it goes. Not sure I like this book (All American History by Bright Ideas Press)....but I sprung for the Student Activity books this time, to save on copying. The kids are OK with it....but we've only done 1 lesson. Hope it works! :lol:

Oh! Next week is Israel's birthday! Iyar 6 (This year it's April 16) Israel turns 65! Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut!

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