May 12th, 2013

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Happy Hallmark Holiday!

I don't really like these made-up holidays, but I have to admit it's nice being spoiled! Today, I was taken to lunch at Chili's (which means I also have dinner and probably breakfast - the portions are SO large that I always get at least 2 meals out of each plate), then to North Haven Gardens, where SG bought me a lovely Bird of Paradise tree and 2 skull cap plants (more to come...he wants to plant them in between the roses under the studio window). To top it all off, we went to Half Price books.....and I managed to walk out of there with only 1 overtly school-y thing (the book "The Civil War Day-by-Day". It's AWESOME. And only $6!) - yeah, the Morgan Llewellyn books will be read-alouds (I discovered last weekend that my children are woefully deficient in their Irish mythos knowledge, so I aim to fix that), but they're mostly for my collection.

I have the rest of the day "off".....:heh: I started the shawl yesterday (I decided to knit the Highland Triangle shawl from "Folk Shawls" (ravelry link). Pretty, easy, and relatively relaxing.

Oh!! And we sold Wesley yesterday! I have them all up on CraigsList, for a lot less than they're worth - my feeling is that I'd rather SELL them for what I can get (in this market, $100), then keep them because they're over-priced (they are worth $300+).....he went to a good home, and the new owner is excited to add him to his breeding program. Now if only the other 6 bucklings would sell......

Thank y'all who answered my survey....still need some more info. :grin: Ali, you have them priced the way *I'd* price them; however, in the online handwoven marketplace, dishtowels are selling for $20+ EACH. I think that's kind of high, but even locally that's what they go for. :blink: Yes, they last...but Oy, I can't think like that.

I need to wind 1 more dishtowel warp - yeah, I said I was just about over it...but I have 1 more colorway I want to weave up. :lol: The purple warp-from-Hell is almost done, so I need to get something wound. Then it's on to placemats! Then Tallit.....then, who knows? Probably more dishtowels....:lol:

Seriously, Happy Mother's Day!

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