May 13th, 2013

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Happy Mother's Day Redux...

Saffron (Cashmere) decided that yesterday was the PERFECT day to kid....2 cute li'l fuzzy BUCKLINGS. :grrr: and :lol:

Weird delivery - she went into labor @5 (Himself ran up to the house: "Mom! Herself says one of the goats is sick!" "Which one?" (as I get my shoes on) "One of the Cashmeres!" Get down to the barn - not sick, in labor. Ah, well....) I saw hooves, so I grabbed them to keep them from sliding back, Saffy freaked, got up and RAN out of the barn, leaving me holding the kid. :snicker: It took her almost 25 minutes before she decided to deliver the twin (again, I grabbed the feet - this time she didn't run, she just pushed him out in 1 massive contraction and decided I was #3. :lol:)

Sicking with our theme, we have Archer (looks like a Wookie, but wrong universe) and Kirk (he's a frosted brown - looks JUST like a burro. Since Shatner is an...well, ass, the name seemed to fit. :lol:)

So. We're back on kid-watch - I thought I had another week, but that's OK. Baby cashmeres are CUTE. And fuzzy. :rofl:

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