May 16th, 2013

me: portrait

Hope y'all had a good Shavuot!

Ours was...well, it happened. SG was late home, so I didn't do a whole lot of Feasting, but we had fish and cheese blintzes. So, it was good. As was the holiday from school. :grin:

BIG storms came thru last night - we got RAIN, but the tornado skipped us (Thank you Father!) and hit the next large town over. Somehow, it knocked out one of our breakers....we have no power on 1 side of the kitchen. Weird...but whatever. We have the dishwasher and disposer, and Internet - it's just the 4 plugs on the bar/counter that are dead. :scratches head: I've fiddled with the fuze in the breaker box, and it's still dead....:shrug:

No more babies - yet. The cashmere twins are doing well - and they are SO CUTE. We cuddle them every time we go out to the barn....both of them tolerate it. :lol:

Not much else to report. Got half of my next warp wound, and wove 1.5 dishtowels yesterday. Also got to the 2nd pattern repeat on the shawl....did I mention yesterday was a school holiday? :grin:

I have a conference call for work-work today....ick. Ah, well....They estimate it'll take an hour. :sigh: Hope not...I've got stuff to do!

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