May 21st, 2013

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G-d has a sense of humor.....

:sigh: Not funny right now, but maybe later.

Zorra was due Sunday. I had to go to the office this AM, and I had a feeling she would kid today. Yup. The kids got out to the barn at 7 to find a dead doeling. (Cashmere/Nubian X) :dammit!: Herself doesn't care about goats, so she took care of disposal. At 9, I called back and told Himself to do a quick barn check - yup. She'd had a buckling, who is perfectly perfect. :bangs head: I got home at 12, and did a quick pelvic - didn't go all in, but went in up to my mid-forearm; didn't feel any other kids, but she hasn't slipped the afterbirth yet, so who knows? (Remember, I told Him that I couldn't keep ANY kids this year, so He's made sure that the boys out number the girls (current count: 11 boys, 2 girls - 1 DOA. It'll be funny in hindsight, I'm sure.)

They got about 1/3 of a bucket of colostrum out of her, so I'm going to heat some up and try to get it down him, just to be sure he gets some. (He's cute.....sort of a golden brown. :sigh: But he's a least he's 3/4 Cashmere; the current plan is to evaluate all the cashmere boys and band the worst ones. Wethers give just as much fiber as the does...and there's not a huge market for the goats here. We'll see what he looks like in a week or 2.)

In other news, last night's straight-line winds blew off 1 of the panels over the kid area, so I get to go up on the roof in a bit and do some repairs. SG took off work when he heard about all this, and is picking up new roof panels as I type. Fun times, fun times......

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