May 27th, 2013

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If you can read this...

go Hug a Soldier! Happy Memorial Day!

Anna, I was only joking - but you knew that. :lol: Your mentioning your study gave me the excuse to update my musical library...something I've needed to do, but because it was "fun", I put it off. Now it's "curriculum", so I can buy with a clear conscience. :rofl: I've already ordered "Kiss Me Kate" and "West Side Story" to do alongside our Shakespeare, and "Singing in the Rain" just because. I've got a BUNCH on my watchlist.....I'll be actually BUYING those soon (some have been on my list for a couple of years now.....:oops:) We're almost done with our Art Appreciation book; we have to go thru the Teaching Company's "How to Look at and Understand Great Art" course, then I have to find something else to go in that slot. I'm thinking......Musicals. Maybe. :lol: (I have a LOT of TC's courses that I need to schedule....I might do them on Mondays. Thursdays is our "Art" day, but we haven't been doing it....Music is Wednesdays, but....I have time. I just need to hunker down and *schedule* stuff so we can DO it.

I think I broke my left wrist Again. :sigh: Fell into the door Friday; I've been nauseous ever since. :sigh: I'm back in my brace, so we'll see.

We spent today day-tripping to the local towns. Since dairy goats don't lend themselves to vacations, we're going to day-trip. Today was Malakoff, Athens, and Corsicana - we found an Antique store in Malakoff that had a Galileo Thermometer - the 14" one! - for $5. Yup - it came home with me, and we need to go back - they had a decent Fiesta collection and books on the Space Race. Athens had a neat garden center....and we found a bunch of places we need to explore after payday. Fun stuff!

Hope you're having a great holiday!

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