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June 3rd, 2013


Today was Himself's.... 01:48 pm
first day home *alone* with Mom. He's not sure what to do with himself, since it's a holiday week AND it's just he and I, but I think we'll manage to find things to do. :snicker:

Take today, for example. At 9 I said "Let's GO!" and we packed up and headed to the Mall. Not for anything in particular...I just wanted OUT of the house. It was fun - he was excited that I was willing to buy him some Dippin' Dots all for himself, and he and I had fun being Grammarians. :lol:

We then hit the pet stores - Granny is all upset that his gerbils died, and is insisting that he replace them NOW. Me? Don't wanna - he's 13. His brain is leaking out of his ears, and I'm afraid that any new pets would languish unless *I* remember to remind him to take care of them. :sigh: But!

While at Petco, there was a customer with a pet - well, Anna, never mind. :lol: Himself did get to hold it :shudder: and said it was pretty cool. We looked at ferrets - I don't want to invest THAT much money, thank you! - they're cute, though. And lizards. Bearded dragons looked "Cool", according to him. As did the Teddybear hamsters.

We didn't come home with anything, though. :whew:

FA's office is just NOW sending me the stuff I need for tomorrow. I said I needed it early...I guess 1:30 is "early" somewhere, right? :bangs head:

He's looking forward to our trip to the Perot - I bet we spend all our time on the 2nd floor (Robotics). :lol:

Oh, and I guess I should mention the firestorm that Xanga has caused...they claim they need an injection of cash ($60K by 6/15) - they announced it LAST WEEK, and want to go to a pay-to-blog platform. Um. Even LJ hasn't gone there - they still offer FREE blogs, AND they've kept all the permanent and Early Adopter accounts (Xanga will be getting rid of those, even though people bought them in good faith.). Yeah, I post everything at Dreamwidth now, and crosspost it to LJ...but LJ is still *here*. (I wanted a backup, and DW ported everything over. And did I mention DW is free? I can't use all my user icons, but...I can live with only 5. Out of my 136 on LJ. :lol:)

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