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June 5th, 2013


It's Wednesday.... 02:07 pm
and Cheese-making day. We are out of bottles, so I HAVE to make cheese. I have 2 pounds of Manchego in the press, and I'll be making at least 1 pound of Mozzerella later (when SG gets home. I can't knead the curds - my wrist is most definitely broken* and can't handle it.)

Yesterday, Himself and I went to work and hit the Perot after. I didn't know until Monday that James Cameron's "Deep Sea Challenger" was making a stop - it's the sub he used in filming Titanic. It was pretty cool - and SMALL. We figured out that after lunch is the best time to go - all the schools and day cares were leaving as we walked up. :cheers:

Himself got his sister a really nice present at the Perot - a big book on Gems and Minerals. Right up her alley and he thought of it all by himself! I'm pleased - it wasn't too long ago that we had to force him into buying her presents; this one he ASKED if he could have some help with it (of COURSE! It was only $16; he had $7. I don't mind helping when either kid is trying to be generous.

The postman is getting curious....I ordered a whole bunch of DVDs last week, and they're starting to come in. :lol: 1 set I scored is the Teaching Company's set on Broadway - the history and influence of. I can't wait to sit down and watch the lectures! :lol: (I LOVE the Teaching Company! College-level lecture serieses in almost every subject that you can get for pretty cheap (usually) on eBay. I use them to enhance our homeschool, mostly on the extra-curriculars.)

Not much else to report - been catching up on work-work, and filling in the blanks in PlanBook. I have Science completely scheduled thru next May (why not? It doesn't take that long to drop in the daily lessons), and almost everything else completely done. PlanBook allows me to bump lessons, so if we want to take a day (or week!) off, it's no big deal. Plus....my kids do better with a regular schedule. Summers off/long breaks totally mess them up - a week is honestly about the longest they can deal with. I've already marked the Feast days as holidays, so we're good to go. And...since it's only the 2 of them, and they're combined in most subjects, our days go by pretty quickly - we're almost always done before lunch. I'm not a slave-driver, honest! :lol:

*Yup, it's broken. I left the brace at home yesterday...by 10 my fingers were starting to swell and my wrist was getting painful. By 2, I was afraid I'd have to get my rings cut off, my fingers were so swollen (fortunately I was able to finally twist them off..but it was close!) I've been in my brace ever since. No, I'm not going to see a doc - I don't need confirmation that this is #14, and I can use the $30 co-pay elsewhere. Plus....I really don't want to be in a plaster cast while the weather is heating up to hell-ish levels; of course, my doc's been known to put me in a brace anyway. So....I have 3 braces here, and can put them on myself. And this way I can still bathe and swim (because the braces aren't harmed by getting wet.)

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