June 11th, 2013

Calvin: Faces

Is this thing on?

Because we are having intermittent internet problems here. We're on satellite - the only company to offer ground DSL sucks. At the moment, Skybeam isn't much better....

Dishwasher is to be installed Thursday. :sigh: Can't wait - handwashing dishes is for the birds! And no, I can't get the kids to do it - neither one would do a good job, and we're looking at only having to do this until Thursday. (Herself did the dishes Sunday evening - after SG assured me HE would do them. See.....she has set routines. Loading the dishwasher - after *2* years! - still isn't perfectly set.....handwashing? Short-term? Really wasn't worth the effort on my end. I was right - she simply rinsed them in cold water and stuck them in the dishwasher. My question is.....SG was watching her. Why didn't he notice the lack of suds? :bangs head: She knows better now.....but frankly? It's just easier for me to do them. Yes, I'm still mad at SG - he promised me HE would take care of them, and dropped the ball. :sigh:)

We did school at the park yesterday - it was a fun change. I think I want to try and do that at least once a week - it got us out of the house, got us some exercise (we parked at the playground/picnic part, then hiked over to the dock - about 1/2 mile - to feed the ducks/goose. Then hiked back to do school), and was FUN. Besides - we homeschool. We should be able to have fun with it, right? :lol:

Made a batch of Parmesan cheese yesterday; it's in the press until 11. SG made a batch of Mozerrella...not sure if he did it right or not, because the yield was *horrible*. Usually, you get 1 lb cheese for each gallon of milk. He used 1 gallon....but didn't get 1 pound of cheese. Not even close. Guess I'll try it today....once again, I have no jars. And we got 2.5 gallons of milk this AM. :gulp: Wonder what other cheese I can make...I've done Cheddar, Colby, Monterrey Jack, Manchego, Parmesan.....I prefer to make hard cheeses, because they last longer. Guess I need to flip thru my book and pick something out.....:lol:

Almost time to start school - see ya later! (If we have internet...)

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