June 14th, 2013

Calvin: Faces

Well...THAT was interesting...

Let's see, yesterday was a banner day in more ways than 1. Herself turned 16 (!), the dishwasher was installed (the jury is out on it...it's SMALL inside. Like - I can't do my "normal" load in it small), and our broody hen presented us with a very pissed off chick. (It had managed to fall out of the nesting box - it was fine! - and wasn't happy with the service.)

I managed to finish mowing the front yard - it only took 3 days - and I am now suffering from severe allergies. I'm not sure what I ran over that I am allergic to..but it's nasty. :sigh: At least the yard looks like someone lives here now. :grin:

Today is party-prep day. Fun! With 1 side-trip - SG's truck got rear-ended again yesterday. :sigh: The bumper and tailgate had just been replaced a few months ago - and here we are again. Because Dallas drivers don't pay attention. :big sigh:

"Nugget" (baby chick) was fine this AM. Still an only...we'll see. Broody was sitting on about 12 eggs - but not all of them were hers. Seems she picked the BEST nesting box to go broody in; every other hen has been sitting on her to lay their eggs. About 3 weeks ago we marked all the eggs under her (about 12 at that point) so we'd know which were fresh....not sure how many were fertile. I guess I'll give it a few more days before tossing the marked ones. (I'll probably wait until she hops off them herself...should be pretty soon, I'd guess.) ( We have 2 roos, which is why I decided to try this. Why buy chicks if you have a broody hen that'll sit and raise them herself?)

Got stuffs to do - Shabbat Shalom!

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Firefly: Josh Whedon

Oh. WoW!

Got my glasses in from Zenni today. I ordered them 6/1 - they're Progressives, which supposedly take longer - and they arrived today. :happy dance:

They look *fabulous*! And were only $58!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be ordering sunglasses on payday - and ordering Himself's next pair from here as well. Zenni Optical is worth the wait! (Remember, the optician wanted a $300+ CO-PAY for the same thing!)

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