June 25th, 2013

silly: Llama llama duck

Talk me down....

Our pool is officially open (just a little late...:sigh:), and I've been on the prowl for a new swimsuit. Last year's is OK...but not fantastic. The suits I like are upwards of $80 (Retro/Esther Williams/etc style), and....no one here carries them, so I'd have to order blindly.

Then. Oh, then on Sunday I found THIS. :swoon:

So. Somebody tell me that a rank beginner, who's never sewn knit fabric - let alone lycra! - can/can't do this. Somebody tell me this is silly. Or tell me it's a fabulous idea....

I ran the numbers. The pattern + lining + outside fabric will run me about $32 (eBay is my friend! :lol:) Wally-world's unflattering suits run about $25.....and there's very little choice of print/color. I have a serger and machine.....and I am relatively fearless when it comes to projects...but the ruching kinda intimidates me. (I like both, but the blue version is so swoony!)

In other news, I made a batch of Colby yesterday, and my website shopping cart DOES work. :yippie! Thankyou!: :lol: Post Office run will be tomorrow - today we're doubling up on school (tomorrow is also grocery/town day. It's so hot, we decided an early start would be best. 90* by 10 AM! :urk:)

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