June 26th, 2013

Calvin: Faces

It's been a week......

already. Today was town day....we hit the stores, and I hit my budget at the grocery. For the first time in....months. :sigh: I needed printer ink :eeek!:, some chemicals for the pool :double eeeeek!:, and the Wally-world we went to had the 1/2 gallon canning jars in stock (a FIRST!!!)....so I squeaked in just under my monthly budget. I still need to go to the meat market - but that'll wait until the weekend. (And I didn't pick up any cheap lycra to do a mock-up with; the *cheapest* lycra was $16.99/yard. Even at 40% off, that's more than I consider "cheap". I found lycra on eBay for $14.99/2 yards (including shipping!), so I think I'm going to do that. Maybe. The jury's still out on the whole "make myself a swimsuit" thing. Although I did pick up some ball-point needles. So.....maybe. :lol:)

I give up - for some reason I can NOT leave comments on blogger-based blogs. I've tried - the iPad locks up, and my MacBook just gives me the spinny wheel of color. So...sorry. Don't know if it's Safari or something else......and the switch from Xanga to WordPress is messing with my head. I think I've followed everybody I was following.....:sigh:

Mailed out a box of soap today - yea!! Smelled really nice...:lol: I also picked up more oils, so I'll be soaping again; probably tomorrow. I gotta use up the milk somehow, and I'm tired of cheese-making. :sigh: and :lol: Talk about using stuff up! :snicker: Yesterday was Wensleydale....I gotta find more recipes, because I'm getting tired of making the same stuff over and over and over again. I did manage to order a couple more molds - 1 for hard cheese, and 1 for ricotta/soft cheeses, so that'll help. I don't have to wait on the dishwasher to make another batch.

It's hot and steamy here, and I need to dump some stuff in the pool. The water's cloudy.....no swimming today or tomorrow. :sad: Ah, well - it's "cool" today and tomorrow; Saturday we're supposed to hit 100*. Joy, joy.....:lol: (August is when we start asking ourselves why our ancestors decided this was a good spot to settle....it's a nice little slice of Hell from August to early October. It's also why I feel the cold so much - we don't see "cold" the way y'all Northerners do. Cold here is under 50*....:lol:)

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