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June 30th, 2013


It's HOT... 11:48 am
and it's not July yet. :sigh: This summer's gonna be a HOT one, methinks - hotter than usual, I mean. Fun times...

We have a sick buckling....I think it's dehydration. No heroics, but we're doing what we can. :fingers crossed: He did just take 1/3 of a bottle, so that's good.

I ordered the stuff for my swimsuit Friday. :gulp: $35.24 for all the fabric, lining, and elastic, and $10 for the pattern. I can buy a similar suit for $80-ish.....so I'm happy there. We'll see how well I can sew it up.....

The Studio fridge froze a half-gallon of milk, so I'll be making more soap in the next day or 2. :lol: Yes, it's drinkable, but why - we have plenty of milk.

Gotta run - I need to do something to the cheese (Manchego). Have a great day!

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