July 1st, 2013

me: portrait


So, I cut the soap logs yesterday...and got the COOLEST swirl EVER:

Dragon's Blood Soap

Do you see it? Do you? This is the Dragonsblood soap...NOW do you see it????? :lol:

THIS bar is NOT for sale, no way, no how. Sorry, but....I gotta keep it. To inspire me to try to do this again.....

Anna, thanks for the Latin links! Looks like a lot of them are Catholic, but hey, I can make 'em work! We're on Lesson 7 in "Linney's Latin Class", and it's working great. I like him...but we need a bit more repetition, which is where your links'll help.

Tripp is still hangin' in there. He took a bit more milk this AM....so we're optimistically hopeful.

I have a lady coming up from Houston Wednesday to look at the Alpine bucklings...:fingers crossed: I also got an email yesterday, also looking for an Alpine :fingers doubly crossed!:

We've started reading "King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table" for school. Himself isn't familiar with the Arthurian Cycle.....I need to remedy that. Not to know about the Round Table.....:shakes head: Besides, we have Camelot the Movie, Camelot the Musical, and "The Sword in the Stone"......how can you watch them without knowing the legends? (Rhetorical question.)

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