July 3rd, 2013

me: portrait


I've been avoiding the computer, because I didn't want to have to write this...but Tripp didn't make it. :sigh: Poor little guy - at least he died easy (in his sleep), all doped up with Banamine (but not overdosed. I...couldn't do it. I still had hope....) Herself dug the grave, and she and Himself buried him first thing this AM.

This is the one part of critter ownership that I HATE.

I've tried to distract myself by cheese-making....I'm on batch #2. Yes, *2* - the first was Queso Fresco, a semi-hard cheese, the 2nd is Farmhouse Cheddar. 4 gallons of milk gone - thankfully. Another gallon to SG's aunt...we actually have ROOM in the fridge! For now......

Not much else going on - we're waiting for a possible buyer to come by. :fingers crossed:

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