July 5th, 2013

me: portrait

Let's see...

1. Picard has gone where no(ne of our) goat(s) has(have) gone before - he's ensconced in his new home in Houston. (insert: Houston, we have a problem joke here)

2. Everybody survived the craziness that is 7/4 here - the fireworks freaked out the dogs and goats, but everyone was OK this AM.

3. Yesterday was relaxing - I got 7 new ebooks, and plowed my way thru 3 of them (I read fast. 1 is a collection of short-stories, so it went fast, 1 was a book of essays, and 1 was the finale of a series). Good, relaxing day.

4. Weird weather. It didn't break 90* yesterday....no swimming for me. The kids and SG cut trees yesterday around the pool - they said the pool was cold, but welcome.

5. Yesterday was soap, today is cheese. Swiss, to be exact - at Himself's request. We'll see how it comes out....

6. Today is do what the daddy-man wants....he's playing in his shop while we finish up the school week; later we're going to go drive around. And he promised me dinner out. :bounce:

Shabbat Shalom!

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