July 9th, 2013

me: portrait

It;s Field Trip time!

We hit the Perot again - I gotta tell you, every time we go I am more impressed with it. The designers put a ton of thought into all the interactive exhibits - and, ALL the exhibits are interactive. Even the stuffed animals have some interactive portion - it's amazing! I wish we'd had something like this when I was in school.....

Himself actually got to play with the robots today! (For the first time ever!). We got there before the doors opened, and he was able to snag a robot before anyone else made it to the 2nd floor (if you follow the planned visit, you go up to the 4th floor and work your way down - which he did, but then he skipped ahead of us to the 2nd floor. Smart move on his part!)

Mom went with us, and treated us to lunch...then we paused at Half Price. I....have a love-hate relationship with Half-Price; I went in with NO intention of adding to my collection. However...Mom had brought me egg money (so I had some spending cash!) and I had discovered $9 in my wallet that I didn't know I had (seriously....how does THAT happen?)....and Himself actually found a BOOK that he was really interested in (which is rare. VERY rare. The book? "Backyard Ballistics".....we are going to be building a PVC Potato Launcher in the next week or so. :evil grin: ANYTHING to get the boy reading again!)

And then......they actually had a book on making cheese. I've gotten bored with the recipes in "Home Cheesemaking" - I have 32 pounds of cheese in the fridge (not counting the 2 pounds of Manchego and the leftovers of Queso Fresco and Chevre) and 6 more pounds in the china cabinet (my "drying" cabinet - the door is propped open so the wheels can dry before being waxed.) Most of it is cheddar of some form or another....but really, I'm BORED. the new book is "Making Artisan Cheese" (or something like that) and it has at least 5 recipes my other book doesn't have. :bounce: I need to make more Ricotta tomorrow (for a local guy - he asked, and I don't mind.), then I think I'm gonna try Caerphilly. Then Romano. And maybe Swiss again....:lol: (Hey, the Lord has blessed us with all this milk, it'd be wrong to let it go to waste, right? Right.)

I'm tired, it's hot - think I'll go take a quick dip in the pool. Hope everyone stays cool!

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