July 11th, 2013

fiber: Chullo

I'm the luckiest Mom in the Whole World!

No, seriously - I have 2 loverly children, both of whom love me....1 of whom spoils me silly with lovely sparklies.

Behold my Birthday/Hanukkah/Mother's Day present (she gifted me early - she couldn't wait!:):


And a closeup of the dangly part:

necklace closeup

It's all hand-beaded - ALL of it. I told her she could just buy the settings...but no, the pattern called for beaded settings, so beaded settings it would be.

It's a copy of Elizabeth Taylor's "La Peregrina" necklace, but in emerald instead of ruby. I had bought her a magazine with the pattern in it....and she went NUTS. (So did I, but nevermind that. :lol:)

She just finished the "matching" earrings, but they're not ready for a closeup yet. :snerk: And yes, I WILL be wearing this - probably at NTIF, in my Nobles garb (I have a loverly court gown in green and gold brocade that I think will set this off really, really well.). And I have agreed to wear it for Shabbat this week....I just have to find something that won't look silly with it.

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