July 29th, 2013

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In which I fail...big time.

:sigh: So, Bombshell V.2.0 is a TOTAL fail. I had oh so carefully gathered the front and back pieces (successfully! It was GORGEOUS!), I had attached the fabric to the lining on both back and front, and sewed the 2 back pieces together. AND I had serged the seam - perfectly! I even attached the elastic the way the designer wanted.....

and then I blew it.

See, there are 2 ways to pin the front to the back - top down, or bottom up. I did top down, because...well, it made sense. (On V.1.0, I did it bottom up. It worked.)

Only, when you pin from top down, somehow the bottom leg openings do NOT match up. At all. And I didn't notice until *I tried it on*.

I had a flap of back fabric hanging...and I couldn't figure out why. My seams were perfect, my serged seams were beautiful.....and I can't fix it without totally ripping out EVERYTHING - because after you seam the sides, you run elastic on the legs and the top and the skirt. And you do a small roll-hem type thing all along the legs and top, to finish it. :sigh:

I tried to salvage it, but....I can't. Not and have it look nice. :sigh:

At least it was the purple fabric - which I love, but I LOVE the green. :big sigh:

Oh, well - V.3.0 is on the table, ready to cut. I now know better...and I have high hopes. SG has said we'll run to the Fabric District again this weekend (unless I can figure out how to get there on my own....I have doubts. I get lost in a closet - NO sense of direction at all!), and I pick up another 1.5 yards (the pattern calls for 2 - but I have at least .5 yards left over. Hmmmm......I might play around with it later to see if I can't eek out another suit....I *might* be able to. Kinda doubt it, but I was really careful with my layout - I didn't fold the fabric in the middle, I folded just enough to fit my pieces. :fingers crossed:, but not holding my breath.

Chalk it up as a learning experience. Now to try again. More carefully, this time - I LOVE this emerald fabric. (And this time I'll double-check EVERYTHING before serging, and before doing the next step. Because....I don't wanna bomb my bombshell. :grin:)

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