August 7th, 2013

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Here we go...

Avoidance? Not even. Busy? Yes. I don't pour my whole life out here - but here. Have a bone: Work just exploded. I had a project due 8/19 - the client just said no, it's due THURSDAY. As in - TOMORROW. With a grudging extension to Monday. The problems? I only get paid for 20 hours/week - and I'm *there* already. So to do this? I don't get paid. And the amount of work - even if I were to work 8 hours/day - can't be done in that time. Oh, well - I will bust butt and try to get it done, but hey - call it avoidance if you want. I call it work - we do need the money, and HE provided the job for me. So - I gotta get it done.

As for calling for help - YOU did that a while back. YOU said you had back problems, and it was a Spiritual attack. *I* never claimed this was an attack - Yes, I DID ask for help. Maybe I worded it "wrong" - but HE didn't quibble over my phrasing. HE took the problem I was crying over, and HE fixed it - AND HE even fixed a problem I DID NOT ask about (the checkbook). You call it what you want - I KNOW what happened, and I know WHO fixed it.

I am NOT mixing holy with profane - sorry if you perceive it that way. I honestly do NOT have the time to deal with this at the moment - I am supposed to be working right now, and getting ready for school.....but hey, whatever. Call it avoidance if you want - it's not. And HE knows it's not.....and HE'S the one that matters.

Yes, I'm posting angry, and I shouldn't. I should sit on it...but I am human, and I am angry. And I do apologize for it.....but I will own what I say, and I won't delete, because that's the coward's way out.

And now I really am done, because I DO have a deadline, and I DO have to give it my best shot to meet it.

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