August 15th, 2013

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Coming up for air....

Still have 6 checks to do...but I should be done by tomorrow. Hope so - the office is closed for a week starting, well, tonight - and I wanna take some time off, too! We did a TON of work last week - Cyn counted: approx. 500 checks were coded, entered, and posted, NOT counting the ones I do in spreadsheet form for uploading (50+; they take longer, because we have to manually enter every. single. line into the spreadsheet. :sigh:)

Anyway. Besides that, I was busy in the hand-work department (gotta do SOMETHING creative to keep my sanity!). SG's socks are *finally* almost done (2 rows to go, and I can kitchener off the toe of #2! :huzzah!:), AND.....I got busy.

While cleaning, I came across...some...abandoned - wait, call them postponed - projects. Yes, I have multiple projects going at the same time...some get dropped because they're boring, some because they're too fiddly to carry around - many reasons. Anyway.....

I had bought a cute project bag a while back. It got hot chocolate spilled on it, and needs washing (but I can't until I finish the blasted sock, because I stupidly ran the yarn thru the latch; yes, it keeps it from tangling so much, but it means that the project is STUCK in the bag until you're done. Unless you cut the yarn....which I don't want to do.) I was looking at it, thinking about how much I like the bag, but don't want to pay $36 for another one (this one was on deep discount; I think I spent $12 on it.), plus I'm not really fond of silk taffeta as a drag-around bag. So I'm looking at it, wondering if it'll survive the wash...when I heard "Make one!". Um...OK. I did a pretty quick search, and no one has a pattern for a bag this, I drafted one. And I dug out some fat quarters, and I made me a bag. Which turned into 8....and now 10. :lol:

I now have a bag for (almost) all my in-progress projects, and some bags in the gift pile. Herself wants one (with modifications) to carry current beading projects, and I had an idea this AM to make one (again, with mods) as a First Aid kit for the goats. The great thing is, I'm using stash fabrics, so the cost is $0.00 - AND I'm using fabrics that I wouldn't use for anything else (MIL gave me most of her fat quarter stash a few years ago; she likes the '40's calico prints, and not so much a fan. But they work great for this.)

Here's a pic:

knitting project bag

Approx. 45 minutes, start to finish, and...a little more than 1/2 yard of fabric (because it's fully lined, with a pocket on the outside.) Not too shabby - and now my projects are neatly contained! (Why yes, this one DOES already have a new sock project in it....I needed something for the doc. appointment yesterday, and SG's sock was too close to being finished to carry out. The other sock I found is too I had to start a new one. Ah, well...:lol:) I've been knocking 1 out a day....but I'm near the end, I think - good thing, too, because now I need to KNIT the projects that are in the bags!

Cheesemaking has been occurring, too..but that's boring. Gotta skitter - we're almost done with our Science book, and I wanna wrap it up. Biology is up next - should be fun!

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