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August 22nd, 2013


I thought I was supposed to be on vacation this week..... 01:54 pm
so why am I so dad-gummed busy? :lol:

1. Been working on the Music/Game room. Got a lot done, but there's a lot left to go. :sigh: Still, it's better.

2. Spent the morning watching my septic tank get pumped out. :ick: Our tank is now good as "new"....yeah. Rid-X is permanently on my shopping list....the guy said it averages 3 years; we've been here almost 11 and this is the first time it "needed" it.

3. Still working on my sock. I'm halfway down the foot now, and just cruising along. Easy, fast pattern, pretty yarn - it's all good!

4. Also spent the morning re-downloading our Latin lessons. Seems that before, our internet crapped out - I only got the first 3-5 minutes of each lesson. I've been "teaching" the rest....but I'm tired of it. Now, Mr. Linney can do the whole thing! :lol: I've got worksheets typed up thru Lesson...30, I think - so we're good. Tomorrow I'll be working on finishing them.

5. I had planned on weaving this week...oops. Ah, well - I'll get back to it.

6. There is no 6.

7. I have fabric and a pattern for new pants for me; I need to do a mock-up to make sure of the fit. These will be Folkwear's "Turkish Pants" pattern; basically "pretty" sweatpants. Maybe tomorrow....

This week we've been watching movies for school: right now, it's "Prince Caspian". We're comparing the movies to the books...so far, the books are winning (of course.) (I don't like what they did to Susan in this - she NEVER had any interest in Caspian; in the book he was a pre-teen. In the movie, he's in his early 20's....I can forgive the ethnicity, but I'm having a very hard time with the age.)

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