September 11th, 2013

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Picture Post!

Because I got nothin', otherwise. It's been relatively quiet around here - critters are all doing well, we're doing well, school is, well,, you get photos!

Socks, because that's what I've been doing lately. :lol:

First up, SG's cabled socks:

cabled socks

Made in a hand-paint; yarn is Merino. Can't remember the info, but I got it from the local yarn store. Pricey, but WOW - LOVE this yarn! (I have another ball in a different color way for *me*, that's how much I love it!). Easy socks...but BORING. He's requested his next pair "match" my latest, so that'll go faster - I prefer patterned socks to "plain" ones (and these are "plain", because I only did something different every 5th round. :yawn: I love how they turned out, but.....boring to knit.)

Next up, my latest pair:

feather and fan socks

Yarn is Somoko by Fleece Artist in the Forest Faire color-way. Pattern is Feather and Fan (or Old Shale - same thing. :lol:) This was a nice knit - too bad the yarn is discontinued. SG has requested a pair in the same color way, so I have the site bookmarked. Easy pattern, and pretty fast to knit - the repeat is 4 rounds, so you find yourself wanting to see what happens with the next row.....I'm easily amused.

Last is the current pair in progress:

Bright sock in progress

Hanukkah prezzie for Herself; yarn is JL Yarn's Salvia. 100% Merino. Color 25 - the LOUDEST color way I had. She LOVES the colors; I'm finding them blinding when I knit outside. (My cell phone toned the colors WAY down. Think.....lemon yellow, neon lime green, screaming pink, royal blue, and orange. BRIGHT.) The pattern is Monkey by Cookie A - I love this pattern, because it makes good use of hand-paints that would otherwise pool and look odd. It's also easy to memorize - after the first repeat you go on auto-pilot and have no problems.

This photo was taken yesterday; I've since turned the heel and finished the gusset decreases. 3 pattern repeats to go before we see if it's time for the toe - did I mention that Monkey is a relatively fast knit? :grin:

Next up is a hat for Himself - he gets to pick the colors/pattern. I'm hoping for something patterned, but knowing him it'll be *boring*. Still - it's his hat. :lol: I want to do socks, but a) he has BIG feet and b) he prefers BORING socks. I'd go nuts.....I think he'll get socks off of the sock machine. I can whip out a pair of plain socks in an hour or so, and I won't go bonkers with the mindless, boring, plain knitting. :sigh: I need to work on him......but I tease. Plain socks are fine.....just...I prefer knitting patterned ones.

Gotta skitter - it's almost time to start school. And I have more knitting to do!

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