September 12th, 2013

me: portrait

Just a quickie...

I've updated my Ravelry (user name: fiber-addict) page to show a lot of my older projects - I got tired of having only 5 projects showing. I haven't uploaded everything...but I've been going thru my website photos and slowly moving them over. I might move everything, I might not...we'll see. Depends on how busy I get - right now, not so much. Next week, who knows? (I am actually *caught up* at work - how odd is that??? Seriously - I have NO work-work at the moment. Feels pretty good, actually!)

I also updated the farm store's inventory. I still need to get some of the newer soaps listed (and I need to send out a sample box - next week, I hope!), but at least the current soaps have been updated. (Well, pretty much - there's still a LOT in the curing box that I need to go thru, but I've got the "ready to mail, except maybe for labels" soap all listed. Labels are easy to slap on.....)

Tomorrow evening Yom Kippur begins - so let me wish y'all Shabbat Shalom early.

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