September 15th, 2013

me: portrait

It's a beautiful day!

Not too terribly hot, not scorching - nice for late Summer. The critters are all doing well, as are we.

Even if I *did* get stung by a *&*^%NTINY^PU)*TYY&**( scorpion yesterday morning (it was IN my towel! :shudder:) on my pinkie....SG smashed it, then grabbed the sting kit and got the venom out. What a way to start Yom Kippur, huh? :giggle:

All of us made it thru the fast easily - Praise the Lord! Even my constant-eating teen boy didn't have a problem - that, in itself, is a miracle!

Herself has started working on her website - I'll post the addy when she gets it to a point it's viewable by non-family.

I've got a post brewing, but I'll wait until after Sukkot. There's....well, the Lord showed me a few things this AM....but I'll wait.

I finished the first sock and am working my way down the leg of the 2nd. Himself has pretty much designed his hat - I need to pick up 2 more skeins of Cascade 220 (in yellow and black - I already have blue and white) and sketch out his ideas. Basically, he's getting a modified chullo in geometric patterns - no figures, just shapes. Easy, fun, fast.

Gotta run - gotta work on Herself's sock!

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