September 19th, 2013

Calvin: Faces

It's a Science-y day!

Today was our visit to the "Animals Inside Out" exhibit at the Perot. It was.....OK. It was *good*, but....I don't think it was worth the $15/each members-only price I paid (and ABSOLUTELY not worth the $28/each non-member price!). I mean, it was cool to see the muscles, veins, insides of the critters (and, thankfully for Himself, it wasn't icky or gross or anything)....but they didn't (in my opinion!) go far enough with the educational aspect.

For example, they had a deer's digestive system...but none of the parts was labeled, and there was NO explanation of how rumination *worked*. And no real look at "regular" stomachs.....I mean, yeah, they had some cool things, but.....I think it could have been even better.

Ah, well - we went to the members-only Sneak Peek, which was great. No huge crowds, no (well, very few) screaming kids, and the rest of the museum was just as nice. I LOVE school-days! (And the docents kept telling me that Mondays are member-only until Spring I know when to plan our field trips!)

And now for something totally cool:

"Bohemian Gravity" - String Theory in song form. From what I understand (from "real" physicists that have seen this), it's solid (ie: correct). And fantastic - the guy can *sing* (and really, how can you go wrong with sock-puppet Einstein? :lol:)


And, it's Sukkot - we set the tent up inside last night. I wanted it outside, but was overruled (it's 80* at 4 AM, the dogs, the security light in the front and back yard, the dogs.....I gave in.) I survived last night, but need to find more padding for the rest of the week. My hips don't like the hardwood floor!

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