October 29th, 2013

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Houston, we have...

chicks! Late last month one of our hens went broody. I sent Herself out with a Sharpie to mark the eggs, and told both kids to let her alone. Yes, it was late in the season, but hey - why not see what happens?

Yesterday, we had 4 new, cute chicks! She's still sitting on 3 eggs, but...they're not marked. Meaning that Himself, who has egg duty, didn't check as well as he should have - but, whatever. We're leaving them for now, just to see if they happen to hatch or not. Soon as the hen decides she's done, we'll toss 'em.

Yesterday was paperwork day - ALL of our farm receipts have been entered into Ranch Manager. :whew: I had let it slide - 3 months of receipts were cluttering up my desk - but now everything is entered, the receipts are filed, and we're all good to go. I have to say - I really like that program. We have the Goat module (of course!), but I've set up accounts to track the horse and chicken expenses as well. It's actually better than QuickBooks for this - because it also allows you to track breedings, kid dings, vet visits - all sorts of stuff.

Started another set of Celtic fingerless mitts yesterday; got the cuff completely done. These are mine - for work. The blue/green ones are too nice for outdoor work; these are brown/tan, and look nice. Next up, a color work hat with earflaps, then the matching pair of mitts, then the tam. THEN back to the sweater. And of course, the never-ending sock-knitting (those are my out-and-about project.)

The last day out, we hit Half-Price. I scored a copy of the original "Knitting Principles"....WoW. What a fantastic resource! It's not a book for reading, it's strictly for reference - and it's Fabulous! I need to skim the thing, because there's some techniques I'd like a bit more input on. :grin:

Well, back to Biology. Pond scum. Fun stuff! :lol:

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