November 7th, 2013

me: portrait

Photos and blather....

'cause I got nuthin' here. :lol:

First up, my WIP - a hat for SG's aunt:

curiosity hat in progress

The pattern is "Curiosity" off of Ravelry. Easy-peasy knit - I should be done with it today. There's a set of matching fingerless mitts; those are going to be her birthday prezzie.

And, a FO to show:

brown black forest mitts

Another pair of the Black Forest Braided Gloves - I love this pattern. Easy, fast....we'll see if I do any more. :lol:

School news: Today is the last Art lecture. Next week, we'll be starting "The History of the English Language" looks fascinating. I LOVE the Teaching Company's lectures; I don't really want to farm out all our stuff to DVD/video lectures, but for some of them, it's great. We're still doing Horrible Histories every day, but that doesn't really count - it's Funny. :lol:

Gotta run - almost time to start!

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