November 17th, 2013

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Well, gosa!

Snips is at the Animal Hospital - she had 2 seizures this AM; 1 in my lap. She's lost a lot of her vision, and she was acting "dumb" off we went. They're not sure what's up - they haven't called us back yet, so we don't know much more than we did when we took her in.

Yes, she's a dog. Yes, we took her to an Emergency Vet. Look, when *I* took her in, I made an agreement - I'd take care of her to the end. This? May be the end, but it might not. Best case - she's on seizure meds the rest of her life. Since she's only had 2 seizures, we feel we need to do what we can. *IF* the drugs can't control them, then....well, we just spent a lot of money on her.

But I'd do the same thing to any other member of my family, so.......(it upsets me that a lot of folk look at animals as disposable. They aren't - they have the breath of God in them, too. Yes, there are some we can eat - but we need to treat them well before we do. Dogs...they're companions and work partners. They deserve care and love and respect - not to be tossed aside just because they got sick. :sigh: I do have my limits - we opted to NOT do any neurological testing, or MRI/CAT scans, because, really - why? It's not going to show much, according to the vet, so why put her thru the stress?)

Anyway. I have photos, but they'll be coming later. Or you can go to my Rav page - fiber-addict. They're posted there.

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