November 24th, 2013

me: portrait

Another day....

Snips is....well, she is. Blind, but SG and I both think she can see shadows. Her hearing is better - she actually perked up when SG came in the house earlier. She's not as "drunk" when she walks. She lets us know when we wants something - by whimpering.

But. She's not eating - we had to use a syringe to force beef broth and milk down her. She's not drinking. She spends most of her time either asleep or wandering around the house, bumping into walls. :sigh:

Still. She's better than she was - so we are still hoping for improvement. The other dogs are curious, but not picking on her - which is a relief.

In other news....SG bought me a nice bench for the studio - it has storage; it replaced the crummy fabric boxes we were using for the milking stuff. It looks MUCH nicer in there now!

I found yarn for another present - it won't be ready for the start of Hanukkah, but I have hopes of being able to ship it off during. :grin:

A note about gifts: I LIKE giving stuff to people. I don't expect anything in return - I just like *giving*. Not to make me look good, or generous, or whatever - I just like being able to show the people I like/love that I care. Some people have a problem with that - please, if I send you something, accept in the way it was intended. I saw it, thought of you, and happily grabbed it to send to you. NOT to make me look good/better/ I making sense? I've run into problems in the past with recipients thinking they needed to reciprocate - nope, not at all! Wanna do something in return? A quick "thanks" and a quick prayer is all I need. :nods:

Not much else - it's 36* right now. We have a nice fire going in the wood stove; Snips is dozing on the couch soaking up the heat, and the kids are cleaning the house. (:huzzah!:) Hope your day is as nice! I gotta get knitting!

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