December 5th, 2013

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Achy breaky teeth....

well, not really. Achy, yes - but not breaky. Although Himself says they FEEL like they are breaking. :sympathetic grin: Poor kid - I didn't think; I scheduled his cleaning right before his installation....he had to keep his mouth open for 2.5 hours.

And...the dentist discovered that he has some baby tooth roots that never got reabsorbed; those have to be extracted. They wanted to do it yesterday (and fill the 3 small cavities), but the ortho said to wait until NEXT visit - the blood would have interfered with the cement. visit will be kinda bad, too. :poor kid: At least that's ALL he has to have done; after next visit they'll all be "normal".

Chloe is....weird. By yesterday lunch, she was pretty much housebroken. I shut her up in our bathroom while we were gone; she was fine....until SG got home. Then she started piddling again.

And this AM, she poo'd AND piddled. 2x. In front of SG. :sigh: She's currently locked outside - in the COLD - because, well, she looked straight at me as she squatted. :bangs head: She's smart, so she'll figure it out, but Oi! She's got a large bladder on her! Good thing she's cute and soft and fluffy, though! :lol:

Not much else going on. I'm working on a "stealth knit" - a Scottish Balmoral Bonnet for SG. He has no clue...and I'm trying to keep it a secret. It's his birthday present. :lol: Next up are the fingerless mitts for his aunt, then I get another pair, then Herself wants the "lobster" mitts from SpillyJane...and Himself and SG have both requested gloves. So, my knitting queue is full up for a bit. I love every minute of it! :lol: I'm glad I discovered Jimmy Beans wool - they're inexpensive, fast, and friendly. Even if my last order did go from NV to NJ to TX. (guess it wanted the grand tour?)

Today we take Auntie shopping, so I guess I need to get with the program. It's 34* here now - supposed to be icy and nasty tonight....:brrrrrrrr:

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