December 6th, 2013

me: portrait

Shabbat Shalom!

It's COLD outside today! Freezing rain/sleet, icy roads - we're all snuggled up inside today by the wood stove. Lost power for about an hour this AM - but we've got enough woolies that we were OK.

Want to share some photos with you - I made an oven mitt! :lol: Here it is pre-fulled:

Oven mitt

And here it is after 4 trips thru the washer and 2 thru the dryer:

Oven Mitt felted

It shrank quite a bit! The yarn is handspun "clown spore" that a friend of mine dyed and carded for me for demos; I wasn't sure *what* to do with it, because...well, it's LOUD. It makes a very lovely oven mitt! I've plans for a couple more, and I'll probably be making some for presents, too.

I'm on the decreases of the Stealth Knitting Project (aka "Husband's Balmoral Bonnet"); so far he hasn't asked what it is I'm working on. I'm hoping to finish it by Sunday so I can full it Monday while he's gone....:fingers crossed:

Hope y'all all have a peaceful (and WARM!) Shabbat! I've got chili in the crock pot, and will be making a pan of cornbread soon......:mmmmmmm:

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