December 23rd, 2013

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Libby has a lobotomy scheduled...

but it won't be until Thursday. They think. We had her hauled to the dealership this AM.....we got to Firestone right as the tow truck driver was getting ready to hook her up. I warned him it would probably get loud, but you know, he - like everyone else I've warned - didn't really believe me.

He put the key in the lock to MANUALLY unlock the door - she went NUTS. :rofl: One of the mechanics came running - he said he was the one working on her yesterday when she went off - but I "fixed" the problem by walloping the TIPM box. Surprisingly, it worked - she settled right down. I think the driver pulled the battery cable, but I'm not sure.

The service guy at the dealership didn't seem to take me seriously....we'll see what he says after she has a meltdown in front of him. :rofl:

Bright side: they'll do all the recall work for me. (Gotta look on the bright side, no?)

So....hopefully they'll be able to get her fixed easily. And - dare I hope? - inexpensively. :fingers crossed:

In other news, I'm almost done with Herself's first Lobster mitt. I should note: I HATE lobsters. I HATE knitting with blue and red yarns at the same time. I honestly, truly, deeply love my daughter to put myself thru this! :lol:

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