December 30th, 2013

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Apple has done it again.....

They have great products, and we've always had fantastic customer service from them. Friday was no exception.

We got to the store around 11:45. Stood in line to get an appointment at the Genius Bar :snerk:. The rep was nice, asked me what the problem was; when she discovered I had a refurbished product, she got a little antsy. They don't deal in refurbs at the store, they're online-only. But! Maybe a genius can help me!

At this point, it's 12. She set me up with a 12:50 appointment, and told me to make sure I was near the table 10 minutes early. No biggie, I went to browse the accessories while the kids wandered the mall. About 12:15, I sat down at the bar- NOT trying to jump in line, I was just tired of standing.

The genius asked my name; I said "Fiberaddict, but I'm early. No biggie - I can check my mail!" He said no, he needed to triage me - and he'd be with me in a few minutes. Cool - I was happy to wait. Less than 5 minutes later, he came over to see what he could do to Herself's expensive brick.

Short version: nothing. It was DEAD. And he affirmed that they don't do refurbs in the store. I offered to pay the difference for a comparable iPad Air (but I didn't want to)....he shook his head and said "nah - just hang on a minute." He grabbed a supervisor and they had an intense chat, then I was handed off to yet another genius.

Who filled out a form and said "sign this please." Um, much do I owe/what's going on?...basically, they pulled a New iPad 4 (excuse me, a "retina") out of the back and swapped units. AND threw in 1 year of Apple Care, to boot!

I was already an Apple fan - this just clinched it. Herself is pleased as punch with her new tablet (as is Himself; his refurb is just as perfect as hers). I could not be happier with them - they were all nice and very helpful. And they stand behind their products!

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