December 31st, 2013

me: portrait

Farewell, 2013....

don't let the door hit ya on the way out! :lol: I've had better years; I've also had worse. May 2014 be better than 2013!

Herself and I have spent a few hours weaving baskets. I made a melon basket (it's....well, it's a basket. It's mostly round. It does look like it's supposed to - it's just slightly lopsided.); Herself's been fighting with a small heart basket.

The problem? She hadn't pulled up the top stakes enough - the ones that make the point in between the 2 half-circles at the top. So, she couldn't get the weaving to look heart-shaped. I finished my basket, then worked with hers - she's now happily working on it. :grin:

Tomorrow is Rocket Science day! After school, we'll be launching rockets - guess I can call it Physics and count it, right? (Yes, we will do school. Why not? Tomorrow is just a normal day, really - why take the time off when we don't need to?) I'm sure Chloe will go bonkers...Oh! We think Chloe is at least part Newfie - she has webbed toes! (Totally cool - we compared her feet to all the other dogs, and, yeah - she's got webbing. And she LOVES water. And hasn't met a stranger yet. All of which are Newfie characteristics. So.....she's gonna be big. Which we knew. She needs to grow into her paws.)

I need to get back to my next oven mitt. We have 2.....I need to knit at least 2 more, so when Chloe decides to eat another one, we'll still have a pair, at least. (That's what the melon basket is for - holding the oven mitts.)

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